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Updated: Aug 3, 2022

A lot of people scorn the family newsletters that often come with greeting cards at this time of year. I like getting them, and people say they like receiving ours, especially as I claim that the letters are written by our dog, Willow. This year, Willow (and I) found it hard to put together the usual cheery note.

What a year it has been. Our family has been lucky to escape unscathed so far, and our hearts break for those who haven't been so lucky. All we can do is our best to protect ourselves and each other, and look forward to better days in the future.

Protecting the young children in our care is a responsibility VICCC takes very seriously.

We closed for ten weeks when the pandemic first hit, and again when a staff member had a positive test. We are here to care for the children and to protect their physical well-being.

And VICCC is also her for their emotional care. It's hard to imagine what young children are making of the masks, the extreme attention to cleaning and disinfecting, and to imagine what young children are making of the masks, the extreme attention to leaning and disinfecting, and the many extra precautions we must take. Helping young children understand that they are safe and secure and loved, in the midst of this bewildering time, is a crucially important job that VICCC does, and does well.

You - our friends- make possible every good thing that happens at VICCC. Our working parents always say, very simply, "I don't know what I would have done without VICCC". Children love arriving in the morning and they go home happy with their parents at the end of the day. Your support means everything tot them. Could you consider joining me for an end-of-the-year contribution, so that this coming year can be another year of safety, love, and learning for our beautiful young children and their families?

Here's to better and brighter days to come!!.

Jeanne Roper

Board Member and one of the founding members of VICCC

We were honored to be able to give this piece of art from a local artist to the Jacobs family for their generous donations to honor the life of CathyJacobs and her considerable contributions to the vision and mission of VICCC.

With thanks - from the Jacobs Family -

We have been overwhelmed by the community

response and donations to the "In Cathy’s Heart Fund". Over $10,000 was raised for VICCC!!! That's absolutely AMAZING! The funds will be used for students scholarships, a library of Cathy’s favorite children’s books, and to support and reward the staff, among other things. Cathy would have been so honored and touched by the outpouring of love, and absolutely delighted at the thought of being able to help these young children,

their families, and their teachers. Our deepest thanks for helping create the kind of lasting legacy Cathy would have appreciated - one that will continue doing good in the world for years to come!!.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2021!

It is important for nonprofits to raise money. This year has been harder than others. Our fence was in need of an upgrade, as was our playground equipment.

We did not know if that was feasible this year. Thankfully, we had some organizations step up to assist us.

The Secular Society answered our call for help with a matching grant.

100 Plus Women Women Who Care AND the Giving Back Society partnered to meet the remaining need.

These organizations have helped meet so many need in southwest Virginia. We cannot thank them enough for their ongoing support, and helping us to make this project a reality. Even though this has been a hard year, I have seen so many organizations and individuals stand up to meet so many needs.

We would like to honor each individual, civic organization, and business that has given to make the vision of VICCC manifest. Because of your giving, safety, love, and learning can continue for the children that we serve.

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