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VICCC Has Much to be Thankful for

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

When we reopened on June 15th, there were many unknowns. Would we have enough

staff to reopen? Would we have enough children to pay the bills? Would we be able to

keep everyone safe from Covid-19? So far, all of these questions have been answered with

a grateful Yes.

The number of children we can care for has been lowered due to social distancing.

However, we are taking care of school-aged children both full and part days. In addition,

other blessings have fallen our way. The Secular Society contacted the center and offered

a matching grant to help upgrade our playground. We had to raise the money by August

31st. With the help of generous donors and a grant from 100 Women Who Cares, we were

able to raise the funds needed. Thanks to the generosity of the Secular Society, we are

going to have new playground equipment, a drainage system, new mulch, and a new fence

for our children.

The Jacobs family contacted us to assist them with honoring the legacy of Cathy Jacobs.

Cathy served on the board of VICCC as well as volunteering her time and expertise. Dr.

Steve Jacobs and his daughters have chosen to honor their wife and mother, Cathy, with

the “In Cathy’s Heart” Fund. More information about this generous gift and the family's

wish to support the mission of VICCC is included in this newsletter. We are very grateful

for the many ways this donation will touch both the staff and the families of VICCC.

In these times of uncertainty, our staff have stepped up and provided excellent care for

the children in our care and continue to show concern for the families. This month, they

sponsored a clothing exchange for the families of VICCC. Diapers were provided by the

NRV Diaper Pantry for our eligible families. Socks and underwear were purchased for

each child to help them start school. I am so proud of the dedicated staff who understand

our mission. I want to thank everyone who continues to support VICCC with financial

support and volunteer efforts.

We cannot do this without you. For all the offerings, of time, of money, of dedication,

VICCC is grateful.

Teresa Cassell

Board President

Submitted by the Jacobs family

Cathy Jacobs has been enthralled and fascinated by young children since before I met her 40 years ago. She's always believed love, family, and learning make the world a better place. It's not surprising then that VICCC was the focus of her community commitment and she would serve as aboard member, Board President, Curriculum Consultant and volunteer.

Cathy has struggled with the gradual devastation of dementia for the past 6+ years and has enter edits final stages. In her honor and recognition and to further her love and ideals, we have established the "In Cathy's Heart" fund.

Cathy’s heart knows that children develop best when surrounded by warmth and encouraged to create their own understanding of the world.Teachers are magical partners in this process.Knowing how to peek inside little heads and use the right words and materials to nurture the creation of knowledge, brings smiles and rewards to all concerned. This delightful dance between teachers and children is supported by books, art, music,knowledge and the opportunity for kind and gentle personal interaction.

The In Cathy's Heart Fund will provide the following resources to bring these goals closer to reality:

  • A library of favored children's books featuring

  • wonderful stories, diverse characters and captivating

  • artwork.

  • A large comfy rocker - what better way to read

  • children's stories?

  • A portable library table

  • -Stipends to partially cover costs of teacher

  • development courses

  • Scholarship funds to assure families can afford the

  • high quality care VICCC provides.

  • Donations to the VICCC Community Foundation

  • endowment fund to provide ongoing resources

  • Music resources

Three of Cathy's favorite sayings have been"Everybody's Got a Story", "Every Day is a Gift", and ASLTW.

The stories that we hear from VICCC families and staff are sometimes painful but overwhelmingly filled with hope. Let's honor Cathy by assuring that these stories continue to be told. The gifts of life, learning, and love can fill every day. While free, financial gifts help them become fuller and more accessible. Let's use today to make a gift.

ASLTW- Actions Speaker Louder Than Words

Nothing would thrill us more- or make Cathy happier or prouder- than to know the Blacksburg community believes this also, and has stepped forward to match our donation. Thru VICCC, families can live happier,less stressed and richer lives; teachers can see their positive impact and develop rewarding careers; and children can be nurtured, supported and educated to grow to become confident, competent, contributing members of the community.

ASLTW - Let's do it!! For Cathy

We would like to thank The Secular Society for their continued support of the vision and mission of VICCC. They have sponsored our summer soccer program for the last 3 years. We have partnered with Soccer Shots to provide the children with coaching onsite. Soccer Shots coached our children twice a week for the summer. The coaches were excellent with the children and at the end of the summer, each child received a jersey and a soccer ball. This will allow the children to continue practicing their skills at home. The children and families of VICCC are so thankful for this opportunity.

VICCC would like to thank 100 Plus Women Who Care for their support in helping to fund our playground and fence program. We are so thankful for their contribution. They were able to help us meet a matching donation challenge from The Secular Society to fund a new playground, fence, and play equipment. This would not have been possible without these organization and our faithful donors. Thank you all!!

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